Permanent post for Inorganic Chemistry professorship

pshA post is going to be opened very soon for a permanent professorship (Serra-Hunter Program) in the area of knowledge of Inorganic Chemistry. This post is reserved to participants bearing the I3 accredation following a past Ramón y Cajal 5-year fellowship.

We will inform on the call deadline in this same blog.

This full-time job involves teaching in General Chemistry and in Inorganic Chemistry, both lecturing and conducting practical sessions in the chemical laboratory, at the undergraduate and graduate level. Teaching will involve usually the Chemistry Degree, although some classes courses will be related to other Faculty of Science degrees. Moreover, the successfull applicant is expected to teach at the Master level, mainly within the Master in Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modeling master.

This post combines teaching with research. Indeed, high-level, innovative and modern research is expected, especially related to chemical catalysis. Vertebration of a new research group should be combined with proper collaboration with existing research groups whose members belong to the Department of Chemistry.

Fluency in the English language at all levels of expression and comprehension is expected. Likewise, communication skills for a citizen and researcher of the 21st century are also needed.

More information: Contract labelled UdG-AG-305: Inorganic Chemistry. Please refer to the Program FAQs.

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